Pogo Pin Connectors

The spring connectors allow you to mount with high stroke, high durability, and ease of attaching/detaching.
Yokowo provides a standard lineup of over 400 types of pins, and can also assist with your custom design needs.
Our Pogo Pin Connectors (Spring Loaded Connector) can be used in various applications such as battery, cradle, or antenna.
Our standard line up of SMD pins start from a single pin to 40 pins. Available in a wide range of heights and pin pitch.

  • Mounting method | SMD

Line Up

  • Number of Pin | Single Pin – 40 Pin
  • Pitch | 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 2.54mm and 3.0mm
  • Working Height | 2.05mm – 8.75mm
Pogo Pin Connectors​

Through Hole Connector

Connector for through hole mounting. We have a selection of pins of various working heights or number of pins.
In addition, we also have a type of through hole connector that allows you to change the number of pins by breaking the housing.

  • Pin Assignment | Single Row

Line Up

  • Number of Pin | Single Pin and 10 Pin
  • Pitch | 2.5mm
  • Working Height | 4.7mm – 8.2mm
Pogo Pin Connectors​

Floating Connector

Floating connector is a pogo pin that is solderless and press fitted into the device.
The floating feature allows both sides capable of being used as contacts and has moderate clearance for when the pogo pin goes up/down.
It is great for areas with little space and reduces the assembly man-hours.
We have a rich line-up with different heights to support various devices.

  • Solderless contact
  • Space saving

Line Up

  • Working Height | 2.05mm – 13.5mm
Pogo Pin Connectors​

Right Angle Connector

This connecter allow you to mount horizontally on to a PCB.
We have a lineup that starts from a single pin to multiple pins.

  • Right angle contact
  • SMD/Through hole

Line Up

  • Number of Pin | Single Pin – 5 Pin

other Line-up

Mating Pad

Two Piece Connector

Floating Battery Connector

Lead Socket