Pogo Pin Catalog(Ver 6.0)

S Series

5A High Current Pogo(Thru-hole / Solder cup)


  • Ball strucutre to protect spring from high current
  • Thru-hole tail for secure soldering
  • Solder-cup tail for wire attachment
    (Recommended AWG19 or greater)

Core Technology
A ball inside tube helps to provide high current.
This prevents spring burnt from happening.Yokowo PN:
J-5515PT-1-00-0000 (Thru-hole)
J-5515PC-1-00-0000 (Solder-cup)

High Current Pogo

Unit: mm

Type Spring Force Recommended
Stroke (mm)
Rated Current Wire Diameter Part Number
Thru-hole 1N 1.0 5A - J-5515PT-1-00-0000
Solder-cup 1N 1.0 5A AWG19 or greater J-5515PC-1-00-0000

Basic Specifications

ITEM Performance Note
Rated Current 5A -
Rated Voltage AC/DC 12V -
Contact Resistance 50mΩmax (stillness)
(At factory shipment)
100mΩ after 100 times operation
(After Durability test
at Yokowo Regulation)
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ (Min) DC500V
Withstand Voltage AC500V 1Min Leak Current 3mA
Ambient Temp. -40℃~+85℃ -
Pin Force 9.8N on a Pin from any direction -
Cycle Durability 5,000 times Working Height
Temp./Humidity Cycle Test Fig. 1 JIS C60068-2-38
Mechanical Shock Durability 490m/s² JIS C60068-2-27
Soldering Temp. 350℃ 3sec Soldering Iron
Recommended Wire Diameter Over AWG19 -