Pogo Pin Catalog(Ver 6.0)

S Series

Waterproof Receptacle Connector


  • Capable of IPx7 Rating
  • SMT Available
  • 2.5mm Pitch Compact Size

Core Technology
Connector becomes waterproof (IPx7),
TBy O-ring between Contact Pin and Housing.

Basic Dimensions

Unit: mm

Type Rated Current Contact Resistance Part Number
SMT (PIP) 2A 50mΩ S-J-2200X-5-25-0000
Thru-hole 2A 50mΩ S-J-2200XL-5-25-0000

Basic Specifications

ITEM Performance Note
Rated Current 2A -
Rated Voltage AC/DC 12V -
Contact Resistance 50mΩmax (stillness)
(At factory shipment)
100mΩ after 100 times operation
(After Durability test at Yokowo Regulation)
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ (Min) DC500V
Withstand Voltage AC500V 1Min Leak Current 3mA
Ambient Temp. -40℃~+85℃ -
Cycle Durability 5,000 times Working Height
Temp./Humidity Cycle Test Fig. 1 JIS C60068-2-38
IP rating IPx7 -

Core Technology

As mating part, please use
5pin 2.5mm pitch pogo connector.

ex. Yokowo PN: J-4215H-5-25-0000

[For Your Customized Requirement...]

Waterproof Male (Pogo) Connector
This unique structure is patented by Yokowo.
Capable of IPx7. Along with your requirement,
we can fully customize. Please contact us for detail.

Waterproof Receptacle Connector
Please contact Yokowo to change pin numbers, pitch,
size or any other modifications that you may require.