Pogo Pin Catalog(Ver 6.0)

S Series

5A High Current Pogo(Thru-hole / Solder cup)


  • Ball strucutre to protect spring from high current
  • Thru-hole tail for secure soldering
  • Solder-cup tail for wire attachment
    (Recommended AWG19 or greater)

Core Technology
A ball inside tube helps to provide high current.
This prevents spring burnt from happening.Yokowo PN:
J-5515PT-1-00-0000 (Thru-hole)
J-5515PC-1-00-0000 (Solder-cup)

High Current Pogo

Unit: mm

TypeSpring ForceRecommended
Stroke (mm)
Rated CurrentWire DiameterPart Number
Solder-cup1N1.05AAWG19 or greaterJ-5515PC-1-00-0000

Basic Specifications

Rated Current5A-
Rated VoltageAC/DC 12V-
Contact Resistance50mΩmax (stillness)
(At factory shipment)
100mΩ after 100 times operation
(After Durability test
at Yokowo Regulation)
Insulation Resistance100MΩ (Min)DC500V
Withstand VoltageAC500V 1MinLeak Current 3mA
Ambient Temp.-40℃~+85℃-
Pin Force9.8N on a Pin from any direction-
Cycle Durability5,000 timesWorking Height
Temp./Humidity Cycle TestFig. 1JIS C60068-2-38
Mechanical Shock Durability490m/s²JIS C60068-2-27
Soldering Temp.350℃ 3secSoldering Iron
Recommended Wire DiameterOver AWG19-