FAKRA Auto Connector Series
FAKRA Male Connector with Spring

FAKRA.SMB-J1.0-2 A Black

• The product technical characteristics:
   Body: Brass, Ni-plated
   Socket: beryllium-copper, Gold-plated
   Pin contact: Brass
   Insulator: PTFE
   Crimp ferrule: brass, Ni-plated
   O-ring: beryllium-copper
   Shell: PA66+30%GF
• Technical characteristics
   Impedance: 50Ω
   Frequency Range: 4GHz
   Withstanding Voltage: 1000V(RMS)
   Contact resistance: Center contact: ≤ 20m      Outer contact: ≤10m
   Insulation: ≥1,000MΩ
   VSWR: DC - 2GHz<1.2
•  Mechanical characteristics:
   Assembly: locked
   Durability: ≥ 500 cycles
   Temperature: - 40 - +85°C


Key Code : A
Color :Black
Cable:RG58/RG178/RG174/RG316/and OD 0.81 1.13 1.32 1.37


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FAKRA connector is one of the auto parts. They are widely used in GPS, Remote control,
car phone, car TV, hi-fi equipment, antennas, etc. It is mate with the same colors or connector
and socket, and the structure is to be double-locked and fool-proofing for them.

can be adapted to the cable RG178 RG174 RG316  RG58  LMR200 1.5D  2.5D.