FAKRA Auto Connector Series
FAKRA Female R/A

FAKRA SMB-C-KW1.5-2 K Curry

FAKRA Connectors

Embedded within a plastic housing which features multiple color codes for easy identification and unique keying to prevent mis-mating, FAKRA connectors are designed to perform up to 3 GHz and meet the particular mechanical and environmental requirements of the automotive industry.FAKRA connectors are used in Automotive,Global Positioning Satellite,Satellite Radio,Bluetooth,Infotainment Systems.

Major characteristics:

Double-locked, fool-proofing assembly with the color and the structure

The connector is be protected by the cap .

Easy to assembly

Many difference between the connector and the cap.

• The product technical characteristics:

Body: Brass, Ni-plated

Socket: beryllium-copper, Gold-plated

Pin contact: Brass

Insulator: PTFE

Crimp ferrule: brass, Ni-plated

O-ring: beryllium-copper

Shell: PA66+30%GF

• Technical characteristics

Impedance: 50Ω

Frequency Range: 4GHz

Withstanding Voltage: 1000V(RMS)

Contact resistance:

Center contact: ≤ 20m

Outer contact: ≤10m

Insulation: ≥1,000MΩ

VSWR: DC - 2GHz<1.2

• Mechanical characteristics:

Assembly: locked

Durability: ≥ 500 cycles

Temperature: - 40 - +85°C