RF coaxial connector
BMA coaxial Connectors

Custom RF Cable connector BMA female Jack Semi Rigid RG405 .086" Coax

SH-Link BMA Connectors offer you precise mating and excellent VSWR performance through 18GHz,They are desighed based on MIL standard and are ideally suited for communication base station equipment, rack-and-panel applications with appropriate float-mounted jacks,building block systems such.


Applicable standards

Interface according to IEC61169-35

Electrical Performance

Nominal Impedance:50Ω

Freqency Range: DC to 18GHz

Insertion Loss:


Insulation Resistance: ≥5000MΩ

Center Contact Resistance:≤3MΩ

Outer Contact Resistance:≤2MΩ

Mechanical Performance

Mating Cycles≥500

Environmental Performance

Temperature Range:-55-+165℃


Center contact: Beryllium bronze , Gold plated

Body:Brass,Albaloy plated

Dielectric: PTFE

Other metal partsBrass/Albaloy plated