RF coaxial connector
SMB Coaxial Connectors

RF straight coaxial SMB male connector,
PCB connector,gold plating

TYPE SMB Products is one Kind of low power miniature RF coaxial Connectors with snap-on coupling mechanism.Characteristic impedance has two types: 50Ω and 75Ω.The characteristic of connectors is in small Volume 、Light weight、excellent electrical performance、Easy to use.They are widely used in connection with RF coaxial cable in RF circuit of radio communication、test instrument、meter、radio station、TV station、the base ststion of the microwave system.

Temperature range -55—+155℃(PE Cable -40—+85℃)
Vibration 98m/S²(10-2000Hz)10g
Impedance 50Ω
Frequency range DC-12.4GHz(Semi-Rigled Cable DC-18GHz)
Working voltage 335V r.m.s at sea level
Withstanding voltage 1000V r.m.s at sea level
Contact resistance
Center contact ≤3mΩ
Outer contact ≤2.5mΩ
Insulation resistance ≥5000MΩ
Center conductor retention force ≥0.28N
Coupling nut retention force ≥180N
Insertion loss ≤0.15dB/6GHz
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
Straight ≤1.10+0.02f
Right angle ≤1.20+0.03f
Durability(mating) ≥500(Cycles)