RF coaxial connector
SMA Coaxial Connectors

SMA Solder type female to
1.13 coaxial cable

TYPE SMA is a Kind of RF coaxial connectors that is widely applied, with small-sized thread coupling. Characteristic impedance is 50Ω.The characteristic of connectors is in wide frequency range、excellent performance、high reliability. They are used in connection with RF cable or micro-strip line in RF circuit of the WIAN SYSTEM、controlled program、microwave equipment and the digital communication system. The frequency can be up to 18GHz by using semi-rigid or semi-flex cable.
Temperature range -55—+155℃(PE Cable   -40—+85℃)
Vibration 98m/S²(10-2000Hz)10g
Impedance 50Ω
Frequency range DC-12.4GHz(Semi-Rigled Cable   DC-18GHz)
Working voltage 335V r.m.s at sea level
Withstanding voltage 1000V r.m.s at sea level
Contact resistance
Center contact ≤3mΩ
Insulation resistance ≥5000MΩ
Center conductor retention force ≥0.28N
Coupling nut retention force ≥180N
Insertion loss ≤0.15dB/6GHz
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
Straight ≤1.10+0.02f
Right angle ≤1.20+0.03f
Durability(mating) ≥500(Cycles)