FAKRA Auto Connector Series

Fakra connector is one of the auto parts. That is widely used in GPS, Remoto control, car phone, car TV. hi-fi equipment, antennas, etc. It is mate with the same colors or connector and socket, and the structure is to be double-locked ,fool-proofing assembly with color and the structure.(fourteen code).The connector is be protected by the cap. Easy to assembly. Many difference bettween the connector and the cap.

FAKRA Female Straight

FAKRA(Short/Straight) Female Connector

FAKRA Female R/A

FAKRA Male Connector with Spring

FAKRA Male Connnector(Straight)

FAKRA Male for PCB(Straight)

FAKRA Male for PCB(R/A)

FAKRA Male with Thread

FAKRA Male Single baffle with Threaded

FAKRA Male Connector with double Spring with Threaded