Pogo Pin News

제목September 20182019-11-13 15:33:27
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Uses of Yokowo connectors in a Drone / UAV.

Easily detachable spring pins help to maximize design flexibility for Drones such as I/O, batteries, detachable parts, etc.

<Feature of Yokowo connectors>

· High Durability

Excellent durability cycle due to Yokowo's coil spring design. 

· High Current 

5A & 10A, which are suitable for the industrial sector are available. Standard spec: 3A.

· Easy Assembly 

Connect just through compression. 

Detachable parts Easy to place the device onto a cradle charger 

· Space Saving

A vertical connection to the PCB reduces the space needed compared to a leaf connection. 

Various types of contacts are available such as surface mount, through hole, right angle, etc.

· Abundant Lineup

Standard products range from a height of 2.5 mm to 8.3 mm 

As the world's largest spring connector manufacturer, Yokowo offers a wide range of standard and custom pogo pins and connectors.